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Heroine cult and tragedy, with Richard P. Martin

The Arrhēphoroi as understood by Pausanias, with Gregory Nagy

HeroesX v9
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Community Study Groups
Join a Greek study/translation group: Odyssey Mondays at 5am, 11am, 4pm
Suitable for all stages including beginners—Close reading of passages with discussion

Iliad Mondays at 1pm or 5pm
Suitable for those with some Greek—
Translation with notes and grammar


Practitioners of the Divine: Greek Priests and Religious Figures from Homer to Heliodorus, edited by Beate Dignas and Kai Trampedach

The Tears of Achilles, by Hélène Monsacré

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Teiresias? Really?
Henioche and Pyrrha
The Song of Achiles, Madeline Miller
Troy: Fall of a City (TV)
Your Favorite Line
The Dark Age

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Gregory Nagy and CHS
Classical Inquiries:
Studies on the Ancient World from CHS

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