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Gallery | Many Faces of Medea

A priestess, a woman with magical powers, a mother, a lover, a woman abandoned by her husband, and a murderer. There are many faces of Medea. Being a priestess of Hecate, Medea has knowledge of magic and witchcraft. Medea boiling the ram be … Read more

Reading Greek Tragedy Online

Each week, the Center for Hellenic Studies, Kosmos Society, and Out of Chaos Theatre are streaming a reading and discussion of ancient Greek tragedy, hosted by Joel Christensen and featuring special guests. The live stream is on Wednesdays … Read more

Videos by theme

Find videos of dialogues and discussions by theme: Homer and epic | Other Greek poetry | Tragedy and Comedy | History | Philosophy | Other Greek texts | Related languages and cultures | Music and visual arts | Digital research, and teachin … Read more

Annual Round-up | 2018

Welcome to this round-up of highlights from the content, community, and conversation at Kosmos Society over the past year. This year’s posts, designed to lead to further discussion in the forums, included some written by individual membe … Read more