Under Discussion: O Absent Signifier!

I first heard the term 'absent signifier' in the HeroesX discussion board posts from Lenny Mueller. Now that I have started reading more of Douglas Frame’s work, I see it there. It is a great phrase but if someone were to ask me what it means, defining it might be a little tricky. How does one define something that is not there? Perhaps I would say it means that the… Read more

Video Tutorial: The Greek Alphabet, with Joel Christensen

We are pleased to share the following video tutorial featuring Professor Joel Christensen introducing the Greek alphabet. You may download a transcription of the session:  Introducing_the_Ancient_Greek_Alphabet_Joel_Christensen (PDF) You can find further tutorials and resources on the Greek Learning Modules page. Video Tutorial: The Greek Alphabet, with Joel Christensen… Read more

In Focus: Iliad 23, lines 326–343

Standing over there is a stump of deadwood, a good reach above ground level. |328 It had been either an oak or a pine. And it hasn’t rotted away from the rains. |329 There are two white rocks propped against either side of it. |330 There it is, standing at a point where two roadways meet, and it has a smooth track on both sides of it for driving a… Read more