“Just Enough” Greek: Speaking about This and That, with Leonard Muellner

Some words, such as 'this' and 'that', point toward things in space and time and can function either as pronouns or adjectives. These pointing words are sometimes called demonstratives and they are some of the most common words you will find when you look at ancient Greek texts. Even though they occur frequently, these words can be loaded with meaning, so learning a bit about how they work can be very rewarding. Read more

“Just Enough” Greek: Actions in Time, with Leonard Muellner

Professor Leonard Muellner of Brandeis University presents an accessible introduction to the way that ancient Greek language conveys actions in time. He clearly defines the concept of verbal aspect, then explains how a verb can mark an event as ongoing or complete, or leave this information unstated. Using examples from Homeric epic and the everyday use of the English language, he enthusiastically explains how this flexible verbal system allows speakers and… Read more

In Focus: Iliad 19, lines 76–138

"...I am not responsible [aitios]. |87 No, those who are really responsible are Zeus and Fate [Moira] and the Fury [Erinys] who roams in the mist. |88 They are the ones who, at the public assembly, had put savage derangement [atē] into my thinking [phrenes] |89 on that day when I myself deprived Achilles of his honorific portion [geras]. |90 But what could I do? The god is the one who brings everything to… Read more