Book Club: Apollonius Rhodius Argonautica

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Eros passed unseen through the grey mist, causing confusion …. And quickly beneath the lintel in the porch he strung his bow and took from the quiver an arrow unshot before, messenger of pain. And with swift feet unmarked he passed the threshold and keenly glanced around; and gliding close by Aeson’s son he laid the arrow-notch on the cord in the center, and drawing wide apart with both hands he shot at Medea; and speechless amazement seized her soul. But the god himself flashed back again from the high-roofed hall, laughing loud; and the bolt burnt deep down in the maiden’s heart like a flame[1]

Dear readers,

The Hour 25 Book Club will host a discussion on Apollonius Rhodius Argonautica Book 3, via Google+ Hangout on Tuesday, August 11 2015 at 11 a.m.

You can find R.C. Seaton’s translation of the text online for free here, or you can read any other edition you prefer.

If you are unable to make the Hangout or want to start the conversation right away, please post on the related forum thread.

Please sign up on the forum thread if you would like to join in the Hangout.

Happy readings!

Janet & Sarah

[1] Apollonius Rhodius Argonautica 3.  275–276, 278–287