Gallery: Inspiration from Greek Mythology

Zeus (200 CE) British Museum Greek Mythology has influenced both literature and arts. The Minotaur, Μῑνώταυρος, and Ariadne have inspired artists. The Minotaur was killed by Theseus who was helped by Ariadne. This description from a glossary to Philostratus on Heroes tells us more about him. Theseus Athenian hero, son… Read more

Gallery: Gods and Heroes at the Louvre

Plato, Socrates. Marble. (100-200CE).Louvre. We don’t have to wait until after we die to meet Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece. We may read poetry, prose, tragedy, or admire sculptures, vases or paintings. I’ll quote Aristotle and Plato from the Sourcebook[1]: Both understanding and wonder are, for… Read more

Gallery: From All of Us to All of You

Hailing from the four sides of the world we are all strangers to each other. We have our screen names; aliases. We meet at Hour 25 and share something special. We become guests and hosts. We offer libations at the Friday Cafe, share stories and we become acquainted. Some of… Read more