The Battle of Sybota | part 2: Aid and succour for the Corcyraeans

In part 1, we left the forces gathering after the Athenians sent ten ships to assist Corcyra against the assembled Corinthians and their allies. The Corcyraeans positioned their fleet of 110 ships, under the command of Meikiades and two others, near the Sybota Islands, where also the ten Athenian ships were present. The land forces that were posted at Leukimme included a thousand men that came from Zakynthos. Read more

What words say matters! Plato’s Apology of Socrates

In the Apology Socrates makes his own defense of the accusations he had received for corrupting the youths and introducing new gods in the city of Athens. It is interesting to note that this dialogue does not take a proper noun (the name of one of the characters in the dialogue concerned) as a title but chooses a common noun, one that refers to the act of defense. Why is… Read more

Charitimides in Egypt

In 460 BCE the Athenians were underway to carry out a mission—a raid on Cyprus to collect some more of the treasures of that island—when they was ordered by Perikles, after a voting process in Athens, to divert his fleet to Egypt. The objective was to give naval support to the Libyan ruler Inaros II, who was leading a revolt against the Persian presence in that area. Charitimides led the… Read more

Rhodes: the Isle of Helios

"The ancient stories of men tell that when Zeus and the immortals were dividing the earth among them, Rhodes was not yet visible in the expanse of the sea, but the island was hidden in the salty depths. Helios was absent, and no one marked out a share for him; in fact they left him without any allotment of land, although he was a holy god." In this post, I… Read more