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Anaximander On My Mind

In this post I will attempt to summarize some discussions on astronomy and geography, while focusing on the work of Anaximander, my favorite physiologos. He was a native of Miletos, son of Praxiades, pupil and successor of Thales. He approached an understanding the world through rationalization and argumented dialogue [logos]. Read more

Nereid Monument

I always thought the Nereid Monument was a nymphaeum— a shrine to the Nereids—but it isn’t. I discovered that it was the tomb of Arbinas of Lycia. So why did he have a shrine that looks like an Ionic temple? And why does it include figures of Nereids? Read more

The fate of the Aeneid: A burning question

We have all heard stories of "book burnings" that leave us with a sense of horror at the irretrievable loss of priceless literary and artistic treasures. In some cases, as in the burning of the Library of Alexandria, the true cause of the burning will probably never be known. In other cases, a specific political intent to suppress the content of the books is the cause, as in widespread book… Read more

How HeroesX Will Change Your Life—If You Let It

I hooked into universal experiences. Every human goes through a birth and a death. When we reach a certain age, we become familiar with rituals, whether they are weddings, graduations or holiday celebrations. Since we share the concept of rituals with the ancient Greeks, this helped ease my confusion somewhat. Through Professor Nagy's videos, I then learned about how heroes and rituals intersect. Certain festivals celebrate certain heroes, often at… Read more