Topic for Discussion

Selene and Semele

Semele and Selene, one was born a mortal and the other a goddess. Both have enchanting and melodious names in ancient Greek with the same type of resonance. No wonder we sometimes confuse one for the other. However their stories are very dissimilar and poles apart. Read more

Food and drink | Part 3: Disastrous dining

Last time we looked at food and drink for health and well-being. This time we look at less salubrious examples of eating and drinking, many of which have disastrous consequences. We invite you to share in the Forum any other examples you come across, mythological and otherwise, accidental and deliberate, in which people suffer as a result of inappropriate eating and drinking. Read more

Gallery: Who is Achilles?

Who really is Achilles? Is he just the son of lovely-haired Thetis who lets him be raised by Cheiron the Centaur, but comes to console and help him when he is devastated and even tried to hide him at the court of the King Lycomedes so that Achilles would not… Read more