“The universe is a kind of book”: a study travel through the history of writing in Greece

"The universe is a kind of book of which one has read only the first page when one has seen only one's own country." When I received the proposal for this trip—a study travel through the history of writing in Greece—it was a great opportunity to reunite my two interests in Greece: my deep love of Ancient Greek philosophy, myth, religion, and poetry, with my absolute fascination for Modern Greek… Read more

Citânia De Briteiros: An Ancient Celtic Settlement in Portugal

On a recent trip to Portugal, I had an opportunity to visit the Citânia De Briteiros, an ancient Celtic hill fort and settlement located in the Guimaraes region of the country. First excavated in 1875, the site was initially occupied between the first and second centuries BCE, with continued habitation extended to the second or third centuries CE. The village is located on a high ridge and offers a commanding… Read more

Troy: Myth and Reality, The British Museum | Part 3: Thoughts on the book and the exhibition

The British Museum’s "Troy: Myth and Reality" exhibition is its major tourist attraction for Spring 2020. It covers the stories of the myth, the archaeology of Troy, and the reception of the story. The book that accompanies the exhibition is huge, heavy, beautifully illustrated and produced. It is not an exhibition catalogue, in the sense of being a systematic list of exhibits. Rather, it is a readable illustrated text book… Read more