HeroesX Sourcebook—Now on Hour 25!

The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours Sourcebook We are pleased to announce that the HeroesX Sourcebook is now available for download from the Hour 25 Text Library as both an epub file and PDF. UPDATE: the Sourcebook is now available to download as an epub, PDF, or mobi… Read more

Happy Birthday to The Ancient Greek Hero!

  A Guest Post by Euthymia Kalogera Dear all, we are about to celebrate the H24H project’s first anniversary. There is so much to remember and so difficult to express with words my feelings. So I went back in time with the help of technology of course, and… Read more

Meeting Douglas Frame

~ A guest post by Janet M. Ozsolak ~ Generous, kind, expert, fun, easy going and fun are some of the epithets with which I can describe Douglas Frame. Last December I had a chance to meet him in person in Tarrytown, New York. We talked about HeroesX,… Read more

Core Vocab with Greek

Depending on context, adjectives in -os [-ος] (masculine), may be given with other endings: -ē [-η] (feminine), -on [-ον] (neuter), -oi [-οι] (masculine plural), -ai [-αι] (feminine plural), -a [-α] (neuter plural). Core Vocab [with Greek] agathos [ἀγαθός] ‘good, noble’ agōn [ἀγών], plural agōnes [ἀγῶνες] ‘coming together;… Read more