Video—CHS Open House: ‘Eros and Cosmos: Approaching the Golden Cloud of Iliad 14′, with Seemee Ali

Our community was pleased to welcome Seemee Ali (Carthage College) for a CHS Open House discussion. The conversation, entitled ‘Eros and Cosmos: Approaching the Golden Cloud of Iliad 14,’ focused on the great seduction scene of Hera and Zeus.

To watch the recording, you can view in the video frame below, or visit the CHS YouTube channel here.

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To prepare for this discussion, participants might like to read the following focus passages, provided below as PDF files extracted from our Sourcebook translation:

The main passage is Iliad XIV 153–360.

She also made reference to these other, shorter passages elsewhere in the Iliad:

  • Iliad IV 58–61
  • Iliad VIII 5–27
  • Iliad VIII 470–484
  • Iliad XV 4–77
  • Iliad XVI 431–461

Focus Passage Iliad XIV 153–360 (PDF)

Further Focus Passages (PDF)

If you have any comments, questions, or observations about the passages and themes discussed, members can start and continue the conversation associated with this event in this Forum thread.

Semee Ali

SeemeeAliSeemee Ali (PhD University of Dallas) teaches at Carthage College, where she holds a joint appointment in the interdisciplinary Great Ideas Program and the English Department. Her most recent essay, “Wallace Stevens’ Scrawny Cry,” appears in The Lyric Prospect (Dallas Institute Press, 2012). She is now working on a book about immortality and finitude in the Iliad, tentatively entitled The Reconciliation of Hera and Thetis.

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Picture with permission from Museums Sheffield:
James Barry, Jupiter Beguiled by Juno on Mount Ida