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      Hi all
      When I took the Heroes X project in 2013 I certainly did not think that I would meet so many new and interesting people from all over the world. Unbelievable Kosmos!
      I met with Sarah, and at some other time, with Pelagos in Paris; with Janet, Claudia, Ian and Bill in New York, with Anne in Montreal. With Keith in Montreal we went to listen to Lynn Kozak at Bar des Pins. Also with Janet we spent some time together in Montreal. Of course in Greece I travelled with Greg, Robert, David, Cecilia, Kelly and her husband and many more. I also met Helene N in Athens.
      I met many amazing persons in Washington at CHS, of course, Greg and Lenny and also Masa.

      I have a few pictures of some of the meetings.

      We started meeting “in real” several years ago, and we still have many years to go. I pinch myself every day because it’s a dream come true!
      I hope that in 2020 more meetings will happen!


      Dear friends,

      I have to update this topic, because in February 2020, just before the confinement, several participants (me included) met in London; then it was the incredible pause, no travel for 2 years. But now we are travelling again and I had the pleasure to meet again with Anne, who bravely crossed that Atlantic again and met with me in Montreal.

      [caption id="attachment_49150" align="aligncenter" width="1187"]Kosmos Society members at Troy exhibition Kosmos Society members ready to enter the exhibition[/caption]

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      Dear Hélène,

      Thanks for posting these wonderful images. I hope one day to appear in one with you and others in the miracle that is the Kosmos Society. Shall we try for Greece in 2023?


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      Cheers, Helene and everyone. I have only just seen your post. Www access is restricted as we journey home. It was great to meet in Montreal and chat about everything, including classics.

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