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A guest post by Myrmidon

Dear Fellow HeroesX Participants,

One of the out-and-out pleasures of the HeroesX project is gathering at the discussion board to exchange ideas and ask questions.

During the 2014 iteration, we could always count on Professor Joel Christensen and the other supportive members of the Board of Readers to answer our questions, offer insights, and generally point us in the right direction. But there was more to the experience than that. Joel and the other professors reflected the sheer joy the classics bring. As well, the team’s cheerful and helpful posts created an ambiance that was friendly and downright encouraging. So, after visiting the discussion board, we would return to our reading, satisfied that our knowledge had advanced and that we were part of a genial and caring community.

In the spirit of keeping the word alive among us, Hour 25—the companion to HeroesX—has compiled the discussion board posts written by the Board of Readers in the third iteration of the project in the autumn of 2014.

Here, you’ll find the insights of Leonard Muellner, Keith Stone, Tom Walsh, Graeme Bird, Kevin McGrath, Claudia Filos, and especially Joel Christensen.

Discussion boards are casual rather than formal, so you’ll notice the occasional typo slipped through. But what are a few typos amid all the thought and care the team put into their comments?

We’ve entitled this collection “I Hope This Helps”—the words that Joel and the other instructors often used to sign off their posts.

All of us at Hour 25 hope that this anthology helps you find new ideas and inspiration. May the word live on!

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Myrmidon is the dedicated Barista and a cherished member of  the HeroesX and Hour 25 projects.