Key Words Hour by Hour @ Hour 25


~ Finding Passages With Our Key Words ~

Those who are following the Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours project at edX are thinking about the key words for each Hour in the context of that Hour’s texts (the focus passages and the fast readings), while here at Hour 25 we can read alongside the v3 participants, and we can consider other texts and passages as well. So we can try to find them elsewhere in the Sourcebook, where they are tracked — and, for anyone who is also interested in using the word study tools, maybe we can also find their use in other texts we are currently reading, for example in the Book Club or the Tragedy Reading Group selections.

This post will be updated to link to the discussion forum threads as they go up at the same times as the HeroesX “idealized schedule”, but the beauty of Hour 25 is that we do not have to finish in January: we can keep coming back to these threads whenever we find any of these key words used in a passage we are reading, at any time, and discuss that passage with each other.

Hour 1 Key Words: kleos and hōrā [κλέος and ὥρα]

Hour 2 Key Word: memnēmai / memnēmenos [μέμνημαι / μεμνημένος]

Hour 3 Key Words: akhos and penthos [ἄχος and πένθος]

Hour 4 Key Word: aphthito- [ἄφθιτο-]

Hour 5 Key Word: daimōn [δαίμων]

Hour 6 Key Word: therapōn [θεράπων]

Hour 7 Key Word:  sēma [σῆμα]

Hour 8 Key Word: psūkhē  [ψυχή]

Hour 9 Key Word: nostos [νόστος]

Hour 10 Key Word: noos [νόος]

Hour 11 Key Word: olbios [ὄλβιος]

Hour 12 Key Worddikē [δίκη]

Hour 13 Key Words: krinein [κρίνειν], krinesthai [κρίνεσθαι]; hupo-krinesthai [ὑποκρίνεσθαι]; dia-krinein [διακρίνειν]

Hour 14 Key Words: pothos [πόθος], pothē [ποθή], potheîn [ποθεῖν]

Hour 15 Key Word: sēmainein [σημαίνειν]

Hour 16 Key Word: atē [ἄτη]

Hour 17 Key Word: tīmē [τιμή] , plural tīmai [τιμαί]

Hour 18 Key Word: kolōnos [κολωνός]

Hour 19 Key Word: miasma [μίασμα]

Hour 20 Key Word: telos [τέλος]

Hour 21 Key Word: agōn [ἀγών]

Hour 22 Key Word: daimonion [δαιμόνιον]

Hour 23 Key Word: theōriā [θεωρία]

Hour 24 Key Words: sōzein [σῴζειν], sōtēr [σωτήρ], sōtērios [σωτήριος], sōtēriā [σωτηρία]

Image credit

Chronos by Ivan Martos (1792), Wikimedia Commons