Online Open House | Digital Mapping Tools, with Chiara Palladino

We are excited to welcome Chiara Palladino for an Online Open House entitled “Discovering Ancient Documents with Digital Mapping Tools.” The event will take place on Friday, April 22 at 11:00 a.m. EDT and will be recorded. You can watch the live-stream below or on the Center for Hellenic Studies YouTube Channel.

This event will have a hands-on component. To follow along with this hands-on component, create an account at Recogito and watch the following tutorials ahead of time: (1) annotating documents; (2) annotating images; and (3) visualizing annotations. (If you wish to download the texts below and upload them into your newly created Recogito account in order to work with them directly, please click here for a ZIP archive containing the files.)

We will work with the following texts; however, it is not necessary to read them in advance:

The Catalog of Ships (specifically, Iliad 2.484–760): Greek (reading guide), English, or Latin

Tabula Peutingeriana: images (reading guide)

Antonine Itinerary: paragraphs 98–162 (Italy) or paragraphs 284–330 (Roman roads); English translation of the full text

Chiara Palladino

Her strongest interest is in ancient mapping and spatial narratives of the Premodern world: She works in the weird niche between Classical Philology and Computer Science (also known as “Digital Humanities”) to understand meaningful information from geographical texts in Greek and Latin, and to evaluate them in light of modern mapping and modelling strategies. ​​​