Thersites: An Unbridled Tongue

He is one of those bit players in Homer who are so unforgettable. Caustic, repulsive, and comedic all at the same time, Thersites has always been the source of controversy. Who was he? And was he intended to be dangerously insurrectionist or only entertaining? It is an often overlooked aspect of the Thersites story that he was said by post-Homeric tradition to have been a cousin of Diomedes. Along with… Read more

Gallery | Clothes, Warriors, and Weapons

We have had many wonderful discussions about clothes and weapons. Here are two words from the Forum discussion about clothes and armor: κυνέη [kuneē], 'greaves' and θώραξ [thōrax], ‘breastplate’. In the Gallery below, there is a picture of Pericles with a helmet. It is said that he always wore a helmet because his head had a strange shape. Read more

In Focus: Iliad XI 599–606

|599 He [Nestor] was seen and noted by swift-footed radiant Achilles, |600 who was standing on the spacious stern of his ship, |601 watching the sheer pain [ponos] and tearful struggle of the fight. |602 Then, all of a sudden, he called to his comrade [hetairos] Patroklos, |603 calling from the ship, and he [Patroklos] from inside the tent heard him [Achilles], |604 and he [Patroklos] came out, equal [īsos]… Read more