Adornments: jewelry and more

The art of jewelry making can be observed under the word toreutikē, the art of ornamental works in metal. Other Greek terms include kosmos, jewel, ornament, or adornment; and glēnos, jewel or jewelry. In this post we share passages about jewelry, and treasures of the jeweler's art. Read more

Core Vocab: kosmos, kosmeîn

In this series inviting exploration of the Core Vocabulary terms from The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours we look at the word kosmos [κόσμος] which is glossed as ‘arrangement, order, law and order, the social order, the universal order; cosmic order, orderliness of costume, hairdo; orderliness of group or society, of cosmos, of song; ritual adornments’. There is also a related verb, kosmeîn [κοσμεῖν]. How does the arrangement of… Read more