Gallery | Hector The Protector

We published a Gallery about Achilles last month, so we now are doing one depicting this other hero, Hector. Who is Hector? He has the reputation of a protector of his city Troy and his people. He is also equal to Zeus in mêtis. Read more

Hair, part 2 | Female hair: descriptions

"But the mane of the other one, my kinswoman Hagesikhora, blossoms on her head like imperishable gold" How did the ancient Greeks view women's hair? In this second post of the series, we are looking at physical descriptions of women's hair: is it depicted as an object of attraction for others, and how do women themselves use it as a means of seduction? Read more


Andromache is a fascinating woman. Following her different bedfellows or husbands, we learn about her life. Andromache appears in many texts, among them the Iliad, Euripides' play Andromache, the Aeneid, and the French play Andromache written by Racine who offers another perspective about Andromache. Her name means battle of a man, from ἀνδρός of a man and μάχη battle. How come, with such a strong name, she is so powerless… Read more