Book Club | July 2020: Quintus Smyrnaeus Fall of Troy 5–9

This month we continue our "long summer read" of The Fall of Troy, or Posthomerica, by Quintus Smyrnaeus. For July, we will read Books 5–9, which feature the contest for the arms of Achilles, Eurypylos the son of Telephos, Neoptolemos, and the death of Eurypylos. Discussion will start and continue in the forum, and we will meet via Zoom on Tuesday, July 28, at 11 a.m. EDT. Read more

Weapons of Note

We have had a discussion about the parts of armor and clothing, which did include some of the words for weapons, and a gallery of images related to the subject, so now I would like to focus on the passages that describe the weapons themselves in more detail. In particular, I am interested in the passages where the weapons almost have a fame of their own, a micro-narrative which perhaps… Read more