Classical Inquiries

Online Resources at the Center for Hellenic Studies

We would like to share some online resources from the Center of Hellenic Studies . CHS has on line publications that you can access free of charge. You can visit Publications which include Hellenic Studies Series, Classics@, and Classical Inquiries. CHS has a news bulletin called Kleos@CHS, the official news bulletin of Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies. Read more

Book Club: Cretan Lies

Our next Book Club selections explore the Cretan Lies of Odysseus. Our readings are: Odyssey 13, 14, and 19, with particular focus on these passages: Athena 13.250–370 Eumaios 14.185–530 Penelope 19.163–348 Olga Levaniouk: Eve of the Festival, Chapter 1 'Beginning of the Dialogue: Setting up the Third Cretan Lie' Classical Inquiries post by Gregory Nagy: A Cretan Odyssey, Part I Read more