Book Club | September 2019: Menander The Grouch

"Old man Knemon hates everyone! A grouch to one and all! Grumpy all day long!"Our September Book Club selection is a comedy by Menander, The Grouch [Dyskolos]. Community discussion starts in the forum and we will meet online for a reading on Tuesday September 17, and for conversation on Tuesday September 24. Read more

Book Club | January 2019: Plautus Rudens

To make a light-hearted start to the new year, this month's Book Club selection is a Roman comedy by Plautus, Rudens, "the Rope". As usual, the conversation will start and continue in the Forum, with Google Hangouts on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, at 5 a.m. and 11 a.m. EST. Read more

Book Club | September 2017: Aristophanes Plutus

What an unhappy fate, great gods, to be the slave of a fool! A servant may give the best of advice, but if his master does not follow it, [5] the poor slave must inevitably have his share in the disaster; for fortune does not allow him to dispose of his own body, it belongs to his master who has bought it. Read more