CHS Presence at Harvard Worldwide Week 2017

Faculty, students, and other colleagues from the Harvard community are invited to share their experiences and perspectives in working on different aspects of the University’s international presence in cooperation with Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS). How can an international Center support the global presence of the University through the development of new educational and collaborative templates and/or the expansion of existing ones? The event will be held at 4:00… Read more

Coming Soon: Enhanced Privacy for Forum Participants

Now that the community is expanding in new ways and welcoming new participants, the Kosmos Society will foster continued community development with enhanced privacy settings. Previously, participants needed to login before posting on the Forums. Going forward, participants will also need to login before reading on the Forums. Read more

Hour 25 to Kosmos Society: A new beginning

Over the years, our community has expanded and progressed beyond its initial goal. We are reaching out to wider audiences beyond HeroesX, using a wider variety of content. Our new mission is to provide an online community that fosters Humanistic study with a focus on the the classical world and its rich connections to our modern lives. In the coming weeks, Hour 25 will have a new beginning as The… Read more

Continue Learning with Professor Nagy & HeroesX

Hour 25 has two important learning opportunities to share with the community. We hope you will join us for one or both of these learning opportunities! Join the 5th version of HeroesX which begins on January 6th. Uncover Greece’s most important archaeological sites on an intergenerational trip. Read more

Hour 25: Something to Celebrate

As Hour 25’s first complete year of activities draws to a close, let’s reflect on the words of our friend, Greg Nagy. He says that we H25ers are “continuators” of a tradition that he, Lenny Muellner, Doug Frame and others started in the 1970s.  Greg fondly recalls how “we gathered on Thursday evenings...and over drinks, we talked about what we were reading and what were thinking”. Read more