Core Vocab: āthlos, āthlētēs

With the Olympic Games coming up, this month's Core Vocab word is āthlos (aethlos) [ἆθλος/ἄεθλος] ‘contest, ordeal; competition’; and āthlētēs [ἀθλητής], 'athlete'. In HeroesX Gregory Nagy talks about the Labors of Hēraklēs and the founding of the Olympic Games: "Hēraklēs not only founded this major festival: he also competed in every athletic event on the prototypical occasion of the first Olympics. On that occasion, he won first prize in every… Read more

Video—CHS Open House: ‘Epos and Eris: Composition, Competition and the ‘Domestication’ of Strife’ with Joel Christensen

We are pleased to welcome back Joel Christensen (University of Texas, San Antonio) for our next CHS Open House discussion, on Thursday, October 22 at 11 a.m. EDT, when we will be talking about 'Epos and Eris: Composition, Competition and the ‘Domestication’ of Strife' which was originally given as a keynote talk at the 2015 Heartland Graduate Workshop in Ancient Studies. He will be examining their interrelationship specifically in Homeric… Read more