Andromache is a fascinating woman. Following her different bedfellows or husbands, we learn about her life. Andromache appears in many texts, among them the Iliad, Euripides' play Andromache, the Aeneid, and the French play Andromache written by Racine who offers another perspective about Andromache. Her name means battle of a man, from ἀνδρός of a man and μάχη battle. How come, with such a strong name, she is so powerless… Read more

Gallery: Egypt in the Louvre

This Gallery will take you to Egypt, where Helen was supposed to be during the Trojan War according to Euripides. “These are the lovely pure streams of the Nile, which waters the plain and lands of Egypt, fed by white melting snow instead of rain from heaven. Proteus was king of this land when he was alive, living on the island of Pharos and lord of Egypt” Read more

Read Euripides’ Medea with actor Paul O’Mahony

Hour 25 Community Reading | Medea, Euripides: Thursday, July 23 2015 @11:00 a.m. EDT "[Nurse] Would that the Argo had never winged its way to the land of Colchis ... For then my lady Medea would not have sailed to the towers of Iolcus, her heart smitten with love for Jason." So begins Euripides' Medea. Actor, writer, and educator Paul O'Mahony will join members of the Hour 25 community for… Read more

Book Club: Medea by Euripides

Dear readers, The Hour 25 Book Club will host a discussion on Euripides’ Medea via Google+ Hangout on July 17 2015 at 2:00 p.m EDT. You can read the text online for free in the translation by Ian Johnston, here. If you are unable to… Read more