Travels in Greece: The Sacred Sites

When one visits the famous ancient sites of Greece, one soon realizes that most of these were built at places sacred to one or more of the ancient Greek gods—Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Athena and Poseidon among them. It seems the gods were a real presence to the ancient Greeks... They seem to have believed they could honor or interact with the gods most effectively at select locations, chosen by the… Read more

“The universe is a kind of book”: a study travel through the history of writing in Greece

"The universe is a kind of book of which one has read only the first page when one has seen only one's own country." When I received the proposal for this trip—a study travel through the history of writing in Greece—it was a great opportunity to reunite my two interests in Greece: my deep love of Ancient Greek philosophy, myth, religion, and poetry, with my absolute fascination for Modern Greek… Read more

Continuing the dialogue: a travel-study in Greece

For me it was a unique experience that I lived as a real “theōriā”. Actually, when we “travel” we have to depart from one point and get to another. We have a spatial passage to cover. Similarly, in a deeper level, this is a spiritual passage too: we start in one level of consciousness that is expanded as we finish. Something happens that transforms us and enriches our most inner… Read more