Gregory Nagy

Armenian Song Culture—Vahagn

The Birth of Vahagn is one of the songs Moses of Khoren mentions in his book. Prof. Nagy touched upon this song in Hour 21 of The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours. Vahagn is known as the fire-god, god of war and courage. His epithet ,vishapakagh,'dragon slayer', along with the fire element remind us of Hercules. Read more

The Daughters of Helios

I often go to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts but I did not notice this painting until last month. The painting represents the sisters of Phaeton lamenting for their brother after his tragic death. Different versions may be found about who they are and who is their mother. The painter, Claude Lorrain got his inspiration from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. However, the story of Phaeton’s sisters, Phaethousa Φαέθουσα 'radiance,' and Lempetia… Read more

Errant Brothers

I was reading Gregory Nagy's translation of the Sappho Brothers poem (“But you are always saying, in a chattering way, that Kharaxos will come in a ship full of goods”), and it made me think of Works and Days, in which Hesiod seems to have a similar concern about his brother Perses (“my father and yours, you inept Perses, used to sail around in ships, lacking a genuine livelihood.”) I… Read more

Connections: Poets, Performance, and Reception

Classical Inquiries has published a set of videos and texts featuring the work of Gregory Nagy and Olga M. Davidson on myths relating to the "Lives of Homer" and the "Life of Ferdowsi." We are happy to share a curated selection of passages and resources designed to help readers make new connections while exploring this topic in greater detail. Read more


We are pleased to share the news that CHS is broadcasting to the public a live stream of events from SapphoFest 2015, to be held on Friday, December 11–Saturday, December 12. Please follow this link to Kleos@CHS for further details. Recent posts at Classical Inquiries have featured articles about Sappho, and translations by Gregory Nagy of the newest Sappho poems and fragments. You can also find publications and articles on… Read more