Rhodes: the Isle of Helios

"The ancient stories of men tell that when Zeus and the immortals were dividing the earth among them, Rhodes was not yet visible in the expanse of the sea, but the island was hidden in the salty depths. Helios was absent, and no one marked out a share for him; in fact they left him without any allotment of land, although he was a holy god." In this post, I… Read more

The Daughters of Helios

I often go to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts but I did not notice this painting until last month. The painting represents the sisters of Phaeton lamenting for their brother after his tragic death. Different versions may be found about who they are and who is their mother. The painter, Claude Lorrain got his inspiration from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. However, the story of Phaeton’s sisters, Phaethousa Φαέθουσα 'radiance,' and Lempetia… Read more