How HeroesX Will Change Your Life—If You Let It

I hooked into universal experiences. Every human goes through a birth and a death. When we reach a certain age, we become familiar with rituals, whether they are weddings, graduations or holiday celebrations. Since we share the concept of rituals with the ancient Greeks, this helped ease my confusion somewhat. Through Professor Nagy's videos, I then learned about how heroes and rituals intersect. Certain festivals celebrate certain heroes, often at… Read more

Hour 25 to Kosmos Society: A new beginning

Over the years, our community has expanded and progressed beyond its initial goal. We are reaching out to wider audiences beyond HeroesX, using a wider variety of content. Our new mission is to provide an online community that fosters Humanistic study with a focus on the the classical world and its rich connections to our modern lives. In the coming weeks, Hour 25 will have a new beginning as The… Read more

Le Héros Grec en 24 Heures

La Vie des Classiques vous offre la possibilité de retrouver l’intégralité des vidéos sous-titrées en français du MOOC de Harvard: Le Héros Grec en 24 Heures. La Vie des Classiques is offering you the option of viewing the entire set of videos from the Harvard MOOC The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours, subtitled in French. Read more

Apobatics in Karachi

I used to be an apobatēs of sorts. It was a horseless chariot I rode in, but it had plenty of horsepower. Thirty years ago I would ride the public buses that ploughed the streets of Karachi to get to and from school, carrying on my shoulders a heavy bag laden with books filled with solid knowledge. These ‘chariot’ buses of Karachi were lovingly adorned by their owners with decoration,… Read more