“I hope this helps” | HeroesX V3: Board of Readers

During the 2014 iteration, we could always count on Professor Joel Christensen and the other supportive members of the Board of Readers to answer our questions, offer insights, and generally point us in the right direction. But there was more to the experience than that. Joel and the other professors reflected the sheer joy the classics bring. As well, the team’s cheerful and helpful posts created an ambiance that was… Read more

Happy Birthday to The Ancient Greek Hero!

  A Guest Post by Euthymia Kalogera Dear all, we are about to celebrate the H24H project’s first anniversary. There is so much to remember and so difficult to express with words my feelings. So I went back in time with the help of technology of course, and… Read more

HeroesX and Homeric Greek

When I tell people about the HeroesX project or learning ancient Greek, I mostly see an implicit question mark on their faces. They kindly swim around the question, “What are you going to do with it?” Let’s face it: no one is speaking ancient Greek—let alone Homeric Greek—and knowledge of the Iliad and Odyssey may not impress most employers. The question of "why" is a valid one. Read more