Gallery | Odyssey 22: The Slaying of the Suitors

One of the study groups has been working on Odyssey 22, and in December 2020 Kosmos Society performed it as one of the groups taking part in the Reading Greek Tragedy Online: Odyssey ’Round the World event. This Gallery features some visual depictions of this episode, also known as the Mnēstērophoníā, or Slaying of the Suitors. Read more

The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours | Gallery: Part 2

The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours is based on a course that Professor Gregory Nagy has been teaching at Harvard University since the late 1970s. The book discusses selected readings of texts, all translated from the original Greek into English. This series of galleries attempts to illustrate each Hour with visual art. This second gallery covers Hours 5–8. Read more

Gallery: From All of Us to All of You

Hailing from the four sides of the world we are all strangers to each other. We have our screen names; aliases. We meet at Hour 25 and share something special. We become guests and hosts. We offer libations at the Friday Cafe, share stories and we become acquainted. Some of… Read more