CHS Online Open House | Indo-European Epic Poetry, with Kevin McGrath

We were pleased to welcome Kevin McGrath for an Open House discussion about Indo-European Epic Poetry. Before the event you might like to read and think carefully about Odyssey 8.487–491: "Demodokos, I admire and pointedly praise you, more than any other human. Either the Muse, child of Zeus, taught you, or Apollo. All too well, in accord with its kosmos, do you sing the fate of the Achaeans—all the things… Read more

Video—CHS Open House: “From Homer to Ferdowsi,” with Olga M. Davidson

We were delighted to welcome Olga M. Davidson for a CHS Open House discussion during which she introducie the great Persian poet Ferdowsi, and his epic Shāhnāma. She has argued that the heroic tradition of this epic is deeply ancient, stemming from Indo-European poetic traditions. A primary example is the great warrior Rostam, who upholds Iranian kingship while at the same time posing a threat to kings who prove unworthy… Read more