An Interview with Artist Maria Zoie Lafis

For Women in Procession, I drew not only from Mycenean frescoes but also from the work of Mark Rothko, with which I was very much engaged in the early 2000s. My goal was to open spaces in the composition and set memories of form in it. The layering of pigment is used to evoke the layering of time, and the forms are rendered in a fragmentary way so as to… Read more

Online Resources at the Center for Hellenic Studies

We would like to share some online resources from the Center of Hellenic Studies . CHS has on line publications that you can access free of charge. You can visit Publications which include Hellenic Studies Series, Classics@, and Classical Inquiries. CHS has a news bulletin called Kleos@CHS, the official news bulletin of Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies. Read more