Leonard Muellner

The Meaning of Homeric εὔχομαι Through Its Formulas

The Center for Hellenic Studies is pleased to share Professor Leonard Muellner’s landmark study The meaning of Homeric εὔχομαι through its formulas. This online publication is open to all and free of charge. Muellner makes a systematic analysis of the constraints in which this word is used in Homeric texts—grammatical, stylistic, and contextual—and compares them, keeping in mind the framework of traditional diction, in which "a traditional poet uses a… Read more

Introduction to the Meter of Homeric Epic, with Leonard Muellner

We are pleased to share the following video about ancient Greek meter, featuring Professor Leonard Muellner. In this video, Muellner describes the basic rules of prosody, with a focus on dactylic hexameter, the meter of Homeric epic, and iambic trimeter, a meter used in ancient Greek tragedy. This presentation is accessible to absolute beginners, as no previous knowledge of ancient Greek or poetic meter is assumed. Read more