Gifts from the earth: mining in ancient Greece

When we see the golden artefacts found at Mycenae and the so-called “treasure of Priam,” it shows an incredible abundance of gold, silver and bronze in the Mycenaean period. Even in Homeric poetry there is mention of “Mycenae rich in gold,” and there are references in Homeric and Hesiodic poetry to silver, gold, iron, copper and bronze. So we wanted to know more about how these metals were mined. Read more

Shields in Iliad and the Use of Metals

The Homeric Iliad showcases 'shields' as an important part of suiting up for battles, as part of the spoils of war and as examples of fine craftsmanship. Shields are made of gold, bronze, cowhides or some combination of all three. They are handed down as souvenirs or forcefully taken as war prizes. Read more