Norman Sandridge

CHS Online Open House | Deaths of Ancient Leaders, with Norman Sandridge

Our next CHS Online Open House features Norman Sandridge, who will be inviting us to think about and discuss the deaths of ancient leaders. What was considered a good way, or a shameful way, for an ancient leader to die, and what meaning is attached to the mode of death? To prepare for the discussion, you might like to read Suetonius' account of Julius Caesar's death, find examples from Greek… Read more

The Psychology of Alcibiades

"In this lecture I make the argument that Plutarch's portrait of the fifth-century Athenian statesman, Alcibiades, shares many character traits with the contemporary construct of the psychopath, namely, grandiosity, low emotional affect, instrumental aggression, and chameleon-like versatility. Moreover, Alcibiades' conduct as a leader, again as described by Plutarch, can help us appreciate our own contemporary ambivalence toward psychopathic leadership in the fields of politics and beyond." Read more