Homeric Ithaca

I visited the northwestern corner of Kefalonia on the way to joining the Classical Greece for Students and Alumni tour, led by Gregory Nagy. I first learned of this place when I came across the book Odysseus Unbound by Robert Bittlestone, an amateur classicist. Bittlestone took on the ancient question of where the Odyssean Ithaca might have been located. How exact were the geographical descriptions in Odyssey? The geography and… Read more

Homeric Greek | Odyssey 1.99–112: Athena at the threshold

Gregory Nagy, Leonard Muellner, and Douglas Frame read, translate, and discuss Odyssey 1.99–112 in the original Greek in the most accessible way. Topics include: dēmos in Homeric diction and dāmos in Linear B, the significance of Athena’s spear, the Taphians, the threshold of the house, our first impression of the suitors, how particles can help us visualize the scene, and more! Read more