Open House

Online Open House | A Land Called Crete, with Andrew Koh

We are excited to welcome Andrew Koh, of the MIT Center for Materials Research and the Harvard Semitic Museum, for a Center for Hellenic Studies Online Open House discussion entitled ‘A Land Called Crete: From Harriet Boyd Hawes to the Cretan Collections Project’. The event was streamed live on Thursday, October 24 at 11 a.m. EDT, and was recorded. Read more

CHS Online Open House | Living Traditions of Vedic Ritual and Recitation in India, with Finnian M.M. Gerety

We are pleased to welcome Finnian M.M. Gerety (Yale University) for our next Open House discussion, 'Living Traditions of Vedic Ritual and Recitation in India', which will be streamed live on Thursday, October 19, at 11 a.m. EDT, and will be recorded. To prepare for this event, you might like to view a couple of short films made by Finnian Gerety about Vedic traditions in the South Indian state of… Read more

CHS Online Open House | Deaths of Ancient Leaders, with Norman Sandridge

Our next CHS Online Open House features Norman Sandridge, who will be inviting us to think about and discuss the deaths of ancient leaders. What was considered a good way, or a shameful way, for an ancient leader to die, and what meaning is attached to the mode of death? To prepare for the discussion, you might like to read Suetonius' account of Julius Caesar's death, find examples from Greek… Read more

Transcript: CHS Open House, with Gregory Nagy, on nostos, Names, and the Younger Generation of Heroes

We were pleased to welcome Gregory Nagy, and Allie Marbry, for another CHS Open House session. Following last week's conversation, and in conjunction with the readings of the Book Club, our discussion topics included questions from the community about some of the issues that emerged from those conversations. This event is available only in transcription, as a PDF handout. Read more