oral tradition

Upcoming Book Club Selections: Fall 2017

We are excited to share the themes for the Fall 2017 sessions of the Book Club when we will be reading selections from the following: Aristophanes Plutus Albert Bates Lord Epic Singers and Oral Tradition Poetry of Horace Look out for detailed announcements each month! Read more

Open House | Sappho 44, with Gregory Nagy

"Song 44 of Sappho, which has a form conventionally described as lyric, is not only related to the form of epic as exemplified by the Homeric Iliad and Odyssey: more than that, this form of lyric, like the form of epic, originates from an oral tradition." You can watch the recording of this video discussion featuring Gregory Nagy of Harvard University. Read more

Epic Singers and Oral Tradition by Albert Bates Lord

"It is of the nature of things that Homer and his poems should play some role, directly or indirectly, in all the articles in this volume. It is not surprising, either, that South Slavic oral-traditional epic should loom large in them as well. Since my graduate work was also seriously concerned with medieval English and Germanic epic, some of the writings included here represent that field. Because the methodology that… Read more