Book Club | May 2023: Ovid Metamorphoses

"My soul is wrought to sing of forms transformed to bodies new and strange!" We will read Books 1 and 2 of Ovid's Metamorphoses, starting with the creation and featuring stories of gods, mythical creatures, and mortals. Discussion starts and continues in the Forum; Zoom on Tuesday May 30. Read more

Androgyne in myth

"The number and features of these three sexes were owing to the fact that the male was originally the offspring of the sun, and the female of the earth; while that which partook of both sexes was born of the moon, for the moon also partakes of both" Read more

Book Club | February 2020: Ovid’s The Art of Love

"Should anyone here not know the art of love, read this, and learn by reading how to love. By art the boat’s set gliding, with oar and sail, by art the chariot’s swift: love’s ruled by art." Inspired by Valentine's Day, our selection this month is Ovid's The Art of Love, or Ars Amatoria. Discussion will start and continue in the forum, and we will meet via video link on… Read more