The Antigone Meeting: A Dialogue

Two groups of high school students, one in Greece and the other in the United States, performed a selection of Sophocles' Antigone, then met via Google+ Hangout to discuss their experiences of learning and staging this ancient tragedy. The selected passage (lines 441–581) focuses on the highly charged moment when Creon first confronts his niece, Antigone, and accuses her of burying her brother, Polyneices, against his decree. Read more

Antigone Project News

Imagine attending the Theater of Dionysos in 442 B.C.E. when Sophocles’ Antigone was first produced.  What did the Ancient Greek sound like?  What emotions did it stir in the audience?  Whose perspective would we share?  Which arguments would sway you? In order to capture the power of the language… Read more

In Focus: Plato Ion 535b–c

Hold it right there. Tell me this, Ion—respond to what I ask without concealment. When you say well the epic verses and induce a feeling of bedazzlement [ekplēxis] for the spectators [theōmenoi]—...are you then in your right mind, or outside yourself? Read more