Core Vocab: philos

"Be philos to the one who is philos to you, and seek the company of those who seek yours." This month I have chosen for a Core Vocab exploration terms that we hold close to our hearts: "philos ‘friend’ (noun); ‘dear, near-and-dear, belonging to self’ (adjective); philotēs or philiā ‘the state of being philos’... It is a term of endearment, an emotional term." Read more

In Focus: Iliad 9, lines 524–528

|524 This is how [houtōs] we [= I, Phoenix] learned it, the glories [klea] of men [andrōn] of an earlier time [prosthen], |525 who were heroes [hērōes], whenever one of them was overcome by tempestuous anger. |526 They could be persuaded by way of gifts and could be swayed by words. Read more