Aiakos: Judge Among the Immortals?

Whether Aiakos actually settled disputes among the gods themselves is supported by Pindar when referring to the nymph Aegina who “...bore Aeacus [Aiakos], the dearest of all men on earth to the loud-thundering father. Aeacus [Aiakos] settled disputes even for the gods.” Read more

Pindar Nemean 1

As a counterexample to idle wealth I gladly hold up among the great peaks of excellence the example of Herakles, as I urge forward the ancient logos, telling how when the child of Zeus was just leaving his mother’s womb in the throes of labor and coming into the shores of light with his twin brother, how when he stepped into crocus-colored swaddling clothes he did not escape the notice… Read more

Pindar, Second Nemean Epinikion

A translation and notes by Jack Vaughan For Timodemos of Archarnai, Victor in Pankration Much as Homerid singers often begin their weaving of songs with a prelude honoring Zeus, this man, too, for a start has received an installment of a victory-studded career in the sacred contests in the much-celebrated hallowed precinct of Nemean Zeus. Read more

CHS Open House: Pindar’s Pythian 3 & 9, with Maria G. Xanthou

We were pleased to welcome back Maria G. Xanthou, University of Leeds, for a discussion on Pindar, which was recorded—you can watch the video here. You can also download the handout with the focus passages: Pindar Pythian 3.101 ff. Pindar Isthmian 8.56 Homer Odyssey 24.58–73 Pindar Pythian 3.100f. Pindar Pythian 6.21–27, Pindar Nemean 3.43–58 Pindar Pythian 3.1–5, 6-62, 63–76, 77f. , Homer Odyssey 1.253–271 Read more

Aphaia’s Temple in Aegina

Queenly Muse, our mother! I entreat you, come in the sacred month of Nemea to the much-visited Dorian island of Aegina. For beside the waters of the Asopus young men are waiting, craftsmen of honey-voiced victory-songs, seeking your voice. Various deeds thirst for various things; but victory in the games loves song most of all, the most auspicious attendant of garlands and of excellence... Read more