Book Club | April 2017: Xenophon’s Apology of Socrates

The April Book Club selection features Xenophon's Apology of Socrates Join in by reading this month's Book Club selection, a short text by Xenophon about Socrates. The hangout discussion will be on Tuesday, April 25 at 11 a.m. EDT. It might be interesting to compare Xenophon's view with Plato's, who also wrote an Apology of Socrates. Read more

The Athenian Agora

The Agora in Athens is one of the sites I visited as a part of the study-travel group. Walking on the Panathenaic Way, seeing the Temple of Hephaistos, the water clock, the prison on the Marble-Workers Street and visiting the museum were some of the highlights for me. Upon my return from Greece, I wanted to read more about the Athenian Agora and Socrates. Read more

Gallery: Who’s Who?

"The outward appearance of Alexander is best represented by the statues of him which Lysippus made, and it was by this artist alone that Alexander himself thought it fit that he should be modelled. For those peculiarities which many of his successors and friends afterwards tried to imitate, namely, the poise of the neck, which was bent slightly to the left, and the melting glance of his eyes, this artist… Read more

In Focus: Plato Ion 535b–c

Hold it right there. Tell me this, Ion—respond to what I ask without concealment. When you say well the epic verses and induce a feeling of bedazzlement [ekplēxis] for the spectators [theōmenoi]—...are you then in your right mind, or outside yourself? Read more