Video Dialogue with Artist Glynnis Fawkes on Cartoons and the Homeric Hymns

Glynnis Fawkes on Cartoons, Homeric Hymns, and Drawing as a Daily Ritual

Our community recently welcomed Artist Glynnis Fawkes to the Chatroom.

A few days later, Fawkes joined us by video to share additional thoughts about her work retelling Homeric Hymns through comics. She was joined in this video dialogue by Janet Ozsolak and Sarah Scott, two active members of Hour 25 and Discussion Facilitators from the second session of HeroesX. Together they raise and discuss several provocative topics such as:

  • the power of retelling classical myth through cartoons
  • drawing as a method for “entering” a myth
  • dealing with the darker side of divinity in ancient Greek mythology

We invite you to continue this dialogue in the discussion forum.

You may also download the transcript for this video:

Text file: Interview Glynnis Fawkes Transcript

PDF: Dialogue-GlynnisFawkes-Transcript

Glynnis Fawkes

Fawkes is an artist, cartoonist, and archaeological illustrator living in Burlington, VT, where she teaches a course in comics at the University of Vermont. She has drawn comics for Gregory Nagy’s translations of the Homeric Hymns to Aphrodite, Demeter, and Dionysos (and has plans for Hermes and Apollo as well). A Fulbright fellowship to Cyprus resulted in the publication of two books, one of paintings, another of cartoons, both about Cypriot archaeology. Her work may be found at

Members are welcome to continue the dialogue in the Discussion Forum, taking Glynnis’ visit as a starting point.

Upcoming Visiting Scholar

Classicist Douglas Frame will visit Hour 25 in mid-March! Stay tuned for additional details.