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These short videos feature discussions about:

  • Homer and the three Cs: Content, conversation, and community, with Leonard Muellner and Gregory Nagy
  • Cartoons, the Homeric Hymns, and Drawing as a daily ritual, with Glynnis Fawkes
  • Ancient Greek brides, death, and exchange, with Olga Levaniouk
  • Anchises, Aphrodite, and Zeus, with Leonard Muellner

Gregory Nagy and Leonard Muellner:
Homer & the Three C’s: Content, Conversation, and Community



Glynnis Fawkes on Cartoons, Homeric Hymns, and Drawing as a Daily Ritual

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Olga Levaniouk on Ancient Greek Brides, Death, and Exchange


Leonard Muellner on Anchises, Aphrodite, and Zeus